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Helping healthtech build evidence-based products

Health Product Strategic Advisory

Building health products that scale, faster and more responsibly, doesn’t have to be hard. But there are well-established steps for success at each stage—and timing is everything. It takes a fine balance of clinical, regulatory, and commercial strategies to get it right.

Services 1

Strategy Development

• Clinical Strategy
• Commercial Strategy
• Channel Strategy
• Regulatory Strategy
• Health Economic Analysis
• Healthcare Intelligence
• Study Design

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Our Team is Your Team

Whether your company is early-stage or well-established, we can help you find solutions to the questions you are trying to answer. 


Health Industry Experts, On Demand

Engaging the right experts early and often in the development of a health product can be the key to success. Our network of health industry experts spans the healthcare continuum. Whether you need one expert or an entire team, we have you covered.

Services 3

Find Your Experts

  • CXO for Hire
  • Experts-in-Residence
  • Physician
  • Clinical Advisors
  • Scientific Experts
  • Regulatory Experts
  • Key Opinion Leaders
    Services 4

    Right Skills, Right Time

    By uniting healthtech companies with health industry experts, together we can build health products that scale, faster and more responsibly.

    Medical Diligence and Viability Assessments

    Investors, health systems, employers, and other entities partnering with healthtech companies sometimes need an objective third party opinion. Our team of experts will conduct an analysis to quickly identify any gaps and make detailed recommendations on how to address them.

    Services 5

    Independent Assessments

    • Investor Medical Diligence
    • M&A Assessments
    • Clinical and Commercial Viability
    • Market and Business Model Validation
    • Health Focus Groups
    • Benchmarking
    Services 6

    Objective Validation

    We work on your behalf to assess a health product objectively and transparently. We provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations.


    Who We Serve

    Services 7

    Healthtech Start-Ups

    requiring access to industry-leading medical, regulatory, scientific or commercial expertise

    Services 8

    Health Companies

    launching new products and requiring market analysis or feasibility assessments

    Services 9


    conducting objective medical diligence on potential healthtech investments

    Services 10

    Health Systems

    evaluating the viability of health technologies before they are adopted into clinical practice

    Services 11


    assessing the cost and benefits of adding new health products into wellness programs

    Services 12

    International Health Companies

    entering the US market and seeking guidance and expertise in setting up US operations


    We chose to work with MDisrupt so we could connect with industry-leading experts who have helped pioneer novel diagnostics. And having MDisrupt coordinate the engagement meant that we avoided the inefficiency of explaining our product to multiple consultants. MDisrupt is a great way for an early-stage company to get rapid access to talent that would otherwise not be available.


    “MDisrupt performed a benchmarking study for us. We found their work to be thorough and thoughtful. The recommendations they provided were relevant and insightful.”

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