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Getting the most impactful health products to market, faster

Meet Our Team

Ruby Gadelrab

Ruby Gadelrab

CEO + Founder

Ruby Gadelrab is the CEO and Co-Founder of MDisrupt. She is a seasoned digital health executive with a track record in successfully commercializing healthcare and healthtech products. She served on the executive team at 23andMe as VP of commercial marketing and has worked for many leading companies in the biotech and genetic spaces. Before founding MDisrupt, Ruby consulted for, advised, and mentored more than 25 digital health companies.

Ragan Hart, MS, PhD

Ragan Hart, MS, PhD

Director of Operations + Business Development

As an applied health economist, Ragan evaluates clinical genomics and digital health technologies. She also advises healthtech product development optimizing for value-based care integration. Previously, she held roles at F-Prime Capital Partners, Stanford University Department of Biomedical Data Science, and the University of Washington. She completed her PhD and Masters at the University of Washington and undergraduate studies at Auburn University.

Greg Nagy

Greg Nagy

Acting Chief Commercial Officer

Greg is a seasoned global commercial executive in the life science and medical technology industries. His expertise is in development and execution of go-to-market strategies across the healthcare continuum from provider to patient/consumer. Previously, Greg was chief marketing officer at Drawbridge Health and VP of global marketing at Topcon Eyecare. He also held leadership positions at biotech and medical device companies including Solta Medical, Amgen, Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Aurora Biosciences. Greg received his MBA from Pepperdine University and his BS in Bioengineering from UC San Diego.

Mona Schreiber

Mona Schreiber

VP of Marketing

Mona is a marketing leader with over 15 years b2b experience developing new healthcare markets. Prior to joining MDisrupt, she was an early marketing lead at Invitae Inc, where she helped scale the company from small startup to market leader in the nascent genetic testing industry. She brings with her a deep understanding of global markets from her international marketing work at Invitae and Affymetrix.

Liviu Tudor

Liviu Tudor

Acting CTO

Liviu is a highly experienced technology leader who has built solutions at scale for global brands including Netflix, Machine Zone, Yahoo, Net-a-Porter, British Telecom, and British Airways, as well as in the defense and security sectors. With a background in adtech, Liviu’s expertise is in large-scale personalization platforms. He has worked with startups and large enterprises across Europe, the Middle East, and North America, helping them develop and scale their platforms and expand internationally. He has also assisted companies through exits and acquisitions. Liviu advises startups in Silicon Valley, Europe, and the Middle East and mentors through the Endeavor network.

Alex Lyon

Alex Lyon

Senior Software Engineer

Alex is a highly skilled back- and front-end software engineer with deep knowledge of multiple coding languages. He has several years’ experience working with cloud-based platforms as well as expertise in machine learning. Before joining MDisrupt he provided consulting services for corporate clients throughout Europe and in the US. Alex completed his BS in Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Paul Bohanna

Paul Bohanna

Creative Director

Paul Bohanna is an award-winning creative director who has worked with a wide range of domestic and international corporate clients and as a team member in affiliation with some of Northern California’s leading design and advertising firms. For the past eight years Paul has created a wide range of projects and brand systems within the healthtech, genetics, and life science industries. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication, with an emphasis on corporate identity and branding.

Meet Our Advisors

Jen Buechel

Jenn Buechel

Chief Operating Officer, Delfi Diagnostics

Federico Monzon

Federico Monzon, MD

President, Genomic Path

Delphine ORourke

Delphine O’Rourke

Partner, Goodwin (Women’s Health & Wellness, Healthcare & Life Sciences)

Chet Robson

Chet Robson, DO

Chief Clinical Officer, Walgreens

Pouria Sanae

Pouria Sanae

Chief Executive Officer, ixLayer

Tony Slonim

Tony Slonim, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Renown Health

Stephany Verstraete

Stephany Verstraete

Chief Marketing & Engagement Officer, Teladoc Health

Our Values

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We believe that the best health products have strong data to support their claims. For every project and company we work with, we strive to source the right data, bring it to the forefront and let it speak for itself. For early-stage companies, we help identify the data needed and build a roadmap for how to generate it.

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In everything we do with our clients, partners, employees and MDisruptors, we seek the truth. We have a speak-up culture: If we see something, we say something. When we identify opportunities for our clients to build their health products with a more evidence based approach—we make those recommendations.

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Always Objective

MDisrupt is a company that serves all of healthtech equally. In order to do this well, we strive to be objective and not have biases or vested interests in any company. We aim to create new standards for how health products are created. Where there is subjectivity, we seek multiple expert opinions as part of any project or assessment.

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People First

People are at the heart of everything we do. We exist so that impactful health products can get to the people that need them quickly. We believe that the key to accomplishing this is by building collaborative partnerships between healthtech companies and health industry experts based on mutual respect and a shared mission to “go fast responsibly”.

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At MDisrupt, we match practicing health industry professionals to healthtech companies seeking to build clinically and commercially viable products. We handle the details, allowing you to do what you do best.

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Experts Needed

  • Physicians
  • Scientists
  • Regulatory Experts
  • Health Economists
  • Lab Test Designers
  • Market Access Experts
  • Commercial Strategist
  • Clinical Trial Designers
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  • Expert in Residence
  • Strategic Advisor
  • Key Opinion Leadership
  • Advisory Boards
  • Focus Groups
  • Consulting Projects
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