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MDisrupt Opens up 'Expert Gig Economy' for Science and Health Industry Professionals

The premier health-tech medical diligence consultancy is pioneering a new service to match a wide range of health industry specialists with health-tech companies seeking to build clinically and commercially viable health products

Offering also provides new alternative for professionals who may have been impacted by COVID-19

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Healthcare Industry Veterans Launch MDisrupt First-of-Its-Kind Medical Diligence Company to Bring Scientific Rigor to Silicon Valley

“Before making a sizable investment, it’s not uncommon for investors to conduct legal diligence, financial diligence and technical diligence in a healthtech startup. They rarely do the detailed medical diligence, and we believe that for a health product this should be a routine part of the diligence process,” says Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Ruby Gadelrab. “MDisrupt helps healthtech startups and their investors spot avoidable and costly mistakes early on, and get potentially impactful products to patients faster and more responsibly.”

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New startup aims to help investors avoid debacles through medical diligence

Two executives have launched a new Silicon Valley firm, MDisrupt, designed to assess the medical claims made by health tech startups to help investors to separate the wheat from chaff and guide startups seeking to commercialize products.

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MDisrupt Founders on the State of the Health-Tech Industry, Avoiding Another Theranos

Launched just about a month ago, the health-tech consulting venture bills itself as as the world’s first “medical diligence company.” A seasoned executive in the health-tech sector, Gadelrab brings the business chops to complement Hagenkord’s experience as a pathologist and chief medical officer at multiple firms. Together, they claim decades of experience in the field, where they’ve witnessed one aspiring health-tech startup after another crash and burn.

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MDisrupt sets out to help healthtech investors avoid the next Theranos

MDisrupt’s central objective is to bridge the gap between the tech and medical worlds. In Silicon Valley a lot of smart technologists try to take on the inefficiencies of the health-care system without understanding the complexities of compliance, regulation and health safety. They have a preference for the Mark Zuckerberg approach of “move fast and break things,” while failing to realize that the most important doctrine in medicine is “first do no harm.”

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Startup MDisrupt could help healthcare execs avoid the next Theranos

Only 22 mHealth apps have had their effectiveness evaluated in the last decade, despite hundreds of thousands being available for download. This puts payers and providers in a balancing act as they try to meet member demands for more convenient digital health solutions, while ensuring the companies they partner with deliver improved clinical outcomes.

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MDisrupt Helps Investors Navigate Medtech

Catherine Longworth previews her feature on MDisrupt, a new company that touts itself as the world’s first medical diligence company for the healthcare industry.

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More on why we need medical diligence

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Bankrupt uBiome Says Founders May Have Misled Investors

Less than a year after reeling in a $83 million investment round, privately held microbiome startup uBiome has filed for bankruptcy and says its founders might have misled those investors amid other potential improper business practices. The allegations of impropriety, made more dramatic by an FBI raid earlier this year, included billing multiple times for a single product.

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Gut health start-up uBiome files for bankruptcy five months after FBI raid

UBiome, the health-tech start-up that suspended clinical operations earlier this year after its office was raided by the FBI, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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So many health and wellness apps haven't done research to back up their claims

Typically, healthcare treatments undergo rigorous testing before doctors start recommending them to patients. For someone who turns to their doctor to do something like quit smoking or lose weight, doctors rely on scientific studies that have established the best methods for changing behaviors.

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Why everybody gets duped by hot health and science startups

In the tech universe, much of the motivation for a new technology is wrapped up in its potential to disrupt existing markets.
In healthcare, clinicians have to think about what could happen to someone after they use the tool they are given. The risk of harm is high.

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Theranos’ scandal exposes the problem with tech’s hype cycle

Fast growth and overexposure can be tricky for any young company to navigate. But when that company dictates people’s health decisions, it can be downright dangerous. So much more is at stake. That’s why these medical tech and biotech companies are among the toughest to start.

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