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Breaking Barriers: California Health Care Foundation Partners with MDisrupt to Fuel Digital Health Pioneers Revolutionizing Healthcare for All

MDisrupt, the leading health expert marketplace connecting healthcare experts with innovative health tech companies, is excited to announce a partnership with the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF). This collaboration is dedicated to supporting early-stage companies led by diverse founders in the digital health sector that are developing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Californians enrolled in Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program.

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MDisrupt Unveils New Expert Matching Platform, Redefining the Future of Healthtech and Life Sciences Innovation and Collaboration

MDisrupt, the leading expert marketplace for the healthtech and life sciences industry, today announced the launch of its new expert matching platform. This online tool provides healthtech and life science companies with unmatched, on-demand access to top-tier clinicians and health expert operators. These experts are instrumental in accelerating the path to building, commercializing, and scaling health products..

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Empowering HealthTech's Quantum Leap: MDisrupt's Vision of a Smarter Healthcare Future Gets $3 Million Backing from leading tech and healthcare VCs

MDisrupt, the leading expert marketplace for the healthtech industry, is excited to announce the successful completion of a $3 million seed funding round to accelerate their pivotal role in reshaping the healthtech innovation landscape. Backed by a powerhouse consortium of investors, this funding round was led by The Venture Collective, with participation from Capita3, 3plus VC, Geek Ventures, Mindshift Capital, The BFM Fund, Zane Venture Fund, Emmeline Ventures, Growth Factory and several other strategic investors in the healthcare and technology sectors.

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MDisrupt helps health tech founders get clinical

Axios Pro Exclusive by Erin Brodwin author of Axious Pro: Health Tech Deals: More and more health tech founders come from outside the sector, and as a result, many lack the clinical expertise necessary for building successful businesses—MDisrupt provides builders with that foundational medical knowledge…

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MATTER and MDisrupt partner to help healthcare startups scale operations

MATTER, the premier healthcare incubator and innovation hub, and MDisrupt, the health tech industry’s leading health expert marketplace, have announced a strategic partnership to support MATTER’s portfolio companies. The new partnership will give MATTER member companies preferred and seamless access to MDisrupt’s network of more than 1,200 experts.

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Healthcare Technology Veteran Greg Nagy Joins MDisrupt as Chief Operating Officer

MDisrupt, a digital health intelligence company, announced today that Greg Nagy has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer. In this newly created role, Nagy will lead the product and engineering teams as well as oversee the launch and expansion of MDisrupt’s platform.

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Digital health consultancy MDisrupt raises $6M to build out real-world data services

Digital-health-focused firm MDisrupt raised $6 million to help build out its consultancy offerings aimed at developers of health tech products. | The seed funding is slated to expand MDisrupt’s services to help companies generate real-world performance data to underpin the commercialization of their products.

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MDisrupt Lands $6 Million in Seed Funding to Build Its Digital Health Intelligence Platform

Company expands its offerings with a mission to organize digital health products that enable patients and their providers to make objective, data-driven decisions about their healthcare.

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Digital health intelligence company MDisrupt lands $6M seed funding

MDisrupt will utilize the seed funding to develop its digital health intelligence platform, build out its product and engineering teams in Austin, and grow its commercial teams.

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MDisrupt Appoints Healthcare Industry Innovators Kerry Amato As VP of Business Development and Partnerships, and Christina Jenkins, M.D. to Board of Advisors

MDisrupt, a digital health enablement platform that connects innovators to the health industry experts they need to build, commercialize and scale their health products, today announced the appointment of Kerry Amato to vice president of business development and partnerships, and Christina Jenkins, M.D., to the board of advisors.

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Healthcare Industry Veteran Dr. Chet Robson Joins MDisrupt As Chief Medical Officer

Chet Robson, DO, MHCDS, FAAFP, has been appointed chief medical officer of MDisrupt, a platform for connecting digital health companies with healthcare experts, after serving as one of the company’s strategic advisors since January 2021. Dr. Robson, former chief clinical officer at Walgreens, will spearhead the advancement of MDisrupt’s Digital Health Standards Platform to enable the assessment of healthcare technologies based on real world clinical performance.

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MDisrupt Appoints Strategic Advisory Board Amid Rapid Growth

MDisrupt, a platform for connecting digital health companies with healthcare experts, today announced its inaugural strategic advisory board. The board’s renowned healthcare industry leaders will provide strategic guidance as MDisrupt broadens its network of healthcare experts and builds partnerships with digital health companies and other healthcare stakeholders.

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MDisrupt and Endeavor Partner to Connect Healthcare Industry and Scientific Experts to Global Network of Digital Health Startups

MDisrupt, a platform for connecting digital health companies with healthcare experts, has joined forces with Endeavor, the world’s leading community of high-impact entrepreneurs, as one of its ecosystem partners to provide Endeavor health companies with the scientists and healthcare industry experts entrepreneurs need to build, commercialize and scale their products quickly and responsibly. This partnership between MDisrupt and Endeavor will ensure that Endeavor’s entrepreneurs, who span more than 35 growth markets worldwide, have access to the expertise they need to bring digital and other health innovations to market.

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MDisrupt Launches Educational Webinar Series for Digital Health Innovators

“A Healthy Disruption” will feature digital health and health care industry experts talking about innovation in telemedicine, population health, value-based care, regulatory compliance and more.

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MDisrupt Opens up 'Expert Gig Economy' for Science and Health Industry Professionals

The premier health-tech medical diligence consultancy is pioneering a new service to match a wide range of health industry specialists with health-tech companies seeking to build clinically and commercially viable health products

Offering also provides new alternative for professionals who may have been impacted by COVID-19

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Healthcare Industry Veterans Launch MDisrupt First-of-Its-Kind Medical Diligence Company to Bring Scientific Rigor to Silicon Valley

“Before making a sizable investment, it’s not uncommon for investors to conduct legal diligence, financial diligence and technical diligence in a healthtech startup. They rarely do the detailed medical diligence, and we believe that for a health product this should be a routine part of the diligence process,” says Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Ruby Gadelrab. “MDisrupt helps healthtech startups and their investors spot avoidable and costly mistakes early on, and get potentially impactful products to patients faster and more responsibly.”

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Helping Digital Health Companies Win Regulatory Approvals: Interview with Ruby Gadelrab, CEO of MDisrupt

Digital Health companies often face a struggle knowing where to begin on the road to regulatory approval. Issues such as conducting clinical validation studies and finding the right regulatory experts to assist in their journey can all present major hurdles. These difficulties prompted Ruby Gadelrab to create MDisrupt, a digital health intelligence company… 

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The Clubhouse app: What is the allure of the invite-only social media network?

Welcome to the a voice-only app where users chat and debate on topics ranging from politics, business, tech, professional networking, sports, music, religion, and, business opportunities for digital health innovators. 

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sf business times

How digital health startups can get the most out of Clubhouse

The San Francisco-based social media platform is being increasingly used by the startup community to connect founders with top-tier investors. Veteran health care executive Ruby Gadelrab, CEO of MDisrupt, shares the one thing you must never do on the app however.

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New startup aims to help investors avoid debacles through medical diligence

Two executives have launched a new Silicon Valley firm, MDisrupt, designed to assess the medical claims made by health tech startups to help investors to separate the wheat from chaff and guide startups seeking to commercialize products.

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MDisrupt Founders on the State of the Health-Tech Industry, Avoiding Another Theranos

Launched just about a month ago, the health-tech consulting venture bills itself as as the world’s first “medical diligence company.” A seasoned executive in the health-tech sector, Gadelrab brings the business chops to complement Hagenkord’s experience as a pathologist and chief medical officer at multiple firms. Together, they claim decades of experience in the field, where they’ve witnessed one aspiring health-tech startup after another crash and burn.

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MDisrupt sets out to help healthtech investors avoid the next Theranos

MDisrupt’s central objective is to bridge the gap between the tech and medical worlds. In Silicon Valley a lot of smart technologists try to take on the inefficiencies of the health-care system without understanding the complexities of compliance, regulation and health safety. They have a preference for the Mark Zuckerberg approach of “move fast and break things,” while failing to realize that the most important doctrine in medicine is “first do no harm.”

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Startup MDisrupt could help healthcare execs avoid the next Theranos

Only 22 mHealth apps have had their effectiveness evaluated in the last decade, despite hundreds of thousands being available for download. This puts payers and providers in a balancing act as they try to meet member demands for more convenient digital health solutions, while ensuring the companies they partner with deliver improved clinical outcomes.

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News 6

MDisrupt Helps Investors Navigate Medtech

Catherine Longworth previews her feature on MDisrupt, a new company that touts itself as the world’s first medical diligence company for the healthcare industry.

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