MDisrupt Founder’s Series

In this podcast series, we talk to digital health founders exploring the challenges and solutions when it comes to product market fit, understanding stakeholders, business models, fundraising, proving ROI and much more. Our goal with this on-going series is to bring you authentic stories and take-aways to help you in your digital health journey.

Mark Bouzyk

Wes Donohoe, Helpful, Co-Founder and CEO

Wes Donohoe is Co-founder and CEO of Helpful, which strengthens family caregiving by combining the loved one’s insurance benefits and medical records into one user-friendly platform while enhancing caregiving skills. Prior to Helpful, Wes led the product and design teams at Everside Health, One Medical and Live Nation Entertainment. He brings his extensive experience building empowering and engaging products and services to Helpful, to ensure that each person caring for a loved one is supported. Wes holds a BS from Babson College and is currently a Board Advisor for the KMH Center for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Babson College.

Mark Bouzyk

Mark Bouzyk, AllaiHealth, Co-Founder and CSO

In this Founder’s Series episode we speak with Mark Bouzyk, Co-Founder and CSO of AllaiHealth—a next generation telehealth company focusing on AI/ML driven holistic solutions for common ailments and chronic conditions. Dr. Bouzyk is a two-time founder, with a career in life sciences that has spanned exciting advancements in cancer and HIV/AIDS research and the advent of genomics-based medicine. Mark has spent time in every type of organization from government to charity to big pharma to academia to biotech; giving him a panoramic view and rich understanding of the scientific and business demands, requirements, and trends in the life sciences and digital health.

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