Health product feedback

When it comes to health product feedback—we’ve got you covered.

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Real-world input

Practicing clinicians will use your commercialized product with their patients and give you structured feedback on the value and usability of your solution.

Product-market fit

Put your solution into the hands of your target market and get quick feedback on whether this is the ideal customer or user.

Find your earliest users

Get your product into the hands of practicing clinicians that can and want to use your solution in their clinical setting.


What specialties are represented in your network?

The clinicians in the MDisrupt expert network come from 25+ specialities. Please see our solutions page for more information.

Do all of my advisors have to be in the same specialty?

No. If you are testing out more than one target audience, you have the ability to include multiple specialties in your engagement.

Can this set of clinicians keep offering my product once the feedback session has ended?

Yes. Since your product will be commercially available during this feedback period, the clinicians using your product can definitely keep offering your solution if they find it to be beneficial.

What is the difference between a focus group and an advisory board?

An advisory board is a long-term commitment, think 6-12 months. These experts will join you on your journey and advise you along the way. A focus group is a short-term engagement, think hours, not months. This is a great opportunity to use experts as a sounding board for new ideas.

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