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Tech-Enabled Healthcare Tools: Hype, Hope, or Headache for Clinicians?

Dr. Schwartz is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of arthritis of the hip and knee including total joint replacement and revision. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Schwartz has extensive experience in digital health, currently serving as Chief Innovation Officer for Healent, an early stage healthcare technology company. His experience in health tech also includes several mentorship positions with incubators, accelerators, hack-a-thons, and advisory roles. He’s an avid voice on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.


Using Digital Health Tools to Strengthen the Physician-Patient Relationship

Dr. Thangudu is a triple board-certified physician and endocrinology, diabetes, and thyroid specialist at Complete Medicine. She takes an evidence-based approach to care, focusing on the patient and their lifestyle, and uses a membership-based model of practice.


An Interview with Precision Medicine Expert Bernard Esquivel, MD, PhD

Dr. Esquivel is a clinical immunologist-allergist and international business leader with more than 12 years of experience working with an innovative form of medicine: Precision Medicine. Check out the interview here!


2 Years On: A Conversation with Ruby Gadelrab on lessons from our second year & trends for 2022

Interview with Ruby Gadelrab, Founder & CEO MDisrupt

MDisrupt is celebrating its second anniversary this week, and we’re speaking with the company’s founder and CEO, Ruby Gadelrab, about what she’s learned and where digital health is headed.


Aditi U Joshi MD, MSc, FACEP, Medical Director of JeffConnect, on telemedicine and virtual care—are they here to stay?

Interview with Aditi U Joshi MD, MSc, FACEP

Aditi U Joshi is the Medical Director of JeffConnect, fellowship director of the Telehealth fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University and current Chair of the ACEP Telehealth Committee. She has worked in this modality for over 7 years at both a startup and currently a large academic program in a multifaceted role including operations for acute care, administrative processes, education and training of all levels of learners. She is considered an expert in acute care telehealth and its future use in EM.


Jennifer Swoyer, DO, Osteopathic Program Director at AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center LaGrange, on Reimagining the Family Practice Patient Experience

Interview with Jennifer Swoyer, DO

Dr. Jennifer Swoyer is a family physician who has been in practice for over 20 years. She is a nationally respected educator and teacher. She currently runs the family medicine residency program with AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center La Grange. Her experience in teaching and clinical medicine is a perfect complement to help individuals, systems and medical professionals appreciate the application and utilization of testing and technology. She is a graduate of Midwestern University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is a leader in COVID testing and has consulted with numerous municipalities and private organizations to develop wellness protocols and education.


Sarah England, PhD, Washington University School of Medicine, on Solutions that Scale for Maternal-Child Health Disparities.

Interview with Sarah England, PhD

Dr. England has devoted her academic research career to maternal and child health, with the goal of reducing disparities and poor outcomes across affected communities. Here she discusses simple and elegant solutions that, at scale, are poised to make a big impact. Partnering with digital health leaders on innovative solutions can have a global reach and feed into a system where the benefit can be felt across generations.


Ron Rerko, head of clinical solutions at Soteria Precision Medicine Foundation, on Selling Successfully to Health Systems.

Interview with Ron Rerko

Ron Rerko, head of clinical solutions at Soteria Precision Medicine Foundation and executive director of genomics at Family Care Path. With over 20 years of experience in cancer research—and 13 years at the Cleveland Clinic as director of genomics in the Genomic Medicine Institute—Ron has developed and implemented programs in medical genetics, genomic medicine, pharmacogenomics, and telehealth, as well as extensive business development efforts.


Chet Robson, DO, chief clinical officer at Walgreens, on the healthcare system of the future.

Interview with Chet Robson, DO

Chet Robson, DO, MBA, is chief clinical officer at Walgreens, one of the biggest health retailers in the US. In this podcast he talks about how healthcare is changing rapidly, with care and services increasingly being provided outside of traditional venues and as part of an interconnected ecosystem that meets people where they live.


A Conversation between MDisrupt CEO Ruby Gadelrab and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Rebecca Richards

Interview with Rebecca Richards

Rebecca Richards, shared in winning the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the World Food Program, where she is Chief of Peace and Conflict in the Program and Policy Division. In this podcast we discuss Rebecca’s personal and career challenges and achievements, the mission of the World Food Program, the use of technology in combating food insecurity, and the important role healthtech leaders can play in solving this global crisis.

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