MDisrupt Webinar

Women’s health start-ups are on fire – finally! What took so long?

Date: Thursday, October 28, 2021
Time: 11:00AM – 12:00PM PST

Women’s health is not niche and it’s not some fad. And it’s not just about fertility and pregnancy. Let’s dispel the myths. It’s about the continuum of lifetime health and wellness needs. And it’s on fire! From Rock Health to mainstream media to Maven reaching unicorn status to the funding of multi-segmented start-ups, women’s health is headline news. In this webinar, MDisrupt hosts the founders of a few of those blazing, fearless start-ups.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
  • What’s behind the sudden meteoric rise of women’s health when the category has been around for so long?
  • Will consumers have to be the early adopters before enterprise jumps in to help scale solutions?
  • What is the state of innovation in women’s health and what are the unmet needs?
  • How do you fundraise for and start a women’s health company?

Meet the Panelists

Ann Garnier - Lisa Health

Ann Garnier

Founder and CEO, Lisa Health

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Ann Garnier, founder and CEO of Lisa Health, is a veteran C-level operator and women’s health expert. She helped to create, launch, and scale innovative health tech companies. Prior to Lisa Health, Ann was COO at CarePayment, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Operations at RelayHealth (McKesson), and Vice President, Strategy and Marketing for Paradigm Health (Optum). Ann is a sought-out advisor for numerous healthcare companies. She sits on the advisory boards for FemTech Collective and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Bay Area chapter. Ann is also an AllRaise and HLTH CSweetener mentor and an ambassador for AnnieCannons.

Kaitlin Christine - Gabbi

Kaitlin Christine

Founder and CEO, Gabbi

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Kaitlin Christine is a breast cancer survivor and ovarian cancer previvor who has made it her life’s work to empower women to understand their bodies and advocate for themselves. Kaitlin is currently the CEO & Founder at Gabbi, Inc. where she and the Gabbi team are on a mission to decrease delayed diagnosis. Gabbi is the first digital health solution that accurately & inclusively predicts a woman’s risk for breast cancer and equips her to take action with community support.

Kaitlin has spent over 9 years in women’s health—working for leading nonprofits and as a sought after national speaker. As the youngest hire for the world’s leading genetic testing company, Myriad Genetics, she led sales in the PNW. Kaitlin Christine lives in Portland, Oregon. She frequents the Portland State Farmers Market every Saturday and is a certified yoga teacher, avid hiker, and (un)professional wine aficionado.

Marina - Eli Health

Marina Pavlovic Rivas

Co-Founder and CEO, Eli Health

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Marina Pavlovic Rivas is the Co-founder and CEO of Eli Health. Hormones are core to women’s reproductive and general health, yet they remain a black box. Eli unlocks this box and puts daily hormonal data in women’s hands. The company develops a consumer device that uses saliva to monitor hormone fluctuations at home. It’s combined with an app that provides insights into how hormone levels change every day and what this means in relation to health needs from puberty to menopause.

Paxton-Maeder-York - Alife

Paxton Maeder-York

Founder and CEO, Alife health

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Paxton Maeder-York is the CEO & Founder of Alife Health. He was previously an early engineer and the first product manager at Auris Health (acquired by J&J for $3.4B), where he helped develop a surgical robotics platform to detect and treat early stage lung cancer. He holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering, an MS in Computational Science, and an MBA from Harvard University.

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