MDisrupt Webinar

Why you’ve got major FOMO about investing in women’s health.

Date: Friday, November 12th, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PST

Women’s health went big in 2021 – got funded, made headlines, became badass! What caused the shift and why? We’ve brought together the trailblazers, the advocates, and the never-give-up-ers to explain women’s health and why investment and innovation in this market segment is just getting started. Buckle up!

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
  • The opportunity in women’s health and why is it one of the most promising areas of investment?
  • The areas of unmet need and hot spots of innovation
  • What the top women’s health companies are doing right
  • The key components to pitching a women’s health start-up

Meet the Panelists

Chrissy Farr

Christina Farr (Moderator)

Health-tech investor at OMERS Ventures

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Christina Farr is a San Francisco-based health-tech investor with a background in journalism. She’s a principal at OMERS Ventures based in the Bay Area. Previously, she was a writer and frequent on-air contributor for CNBC, Fast Company and Reuters News, among other publications. She was raised in London, UK, and received graduate degrees from University College London and Stanford University.

Deena Shakir

Deena Shakir

Partner at Lux Capital

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Deena Shakir is a partner at Lux Capital.She is particularly interested in contrarian and underdog founders building ambitious companies in digital health and sits on the boards of companies including Maven, H1, Adyn, AllStripes, Alife Health, SteadyMD, and Shiru. Prior to joining Lux, she was a Partner at Google Ventures and was also a Presidential Management Fellow in the Obama administration, working in Secretary Clinton’s office and at USAID on. The daughter of Iraqi immigrants, Deena is a passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Amy Divaraniya

Amy Divaraniya, PhD

Founder and CEO of Oova

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Dr. Amy Divaraniya is the founder and CEO of Oova, a women’s health company. She has more than 10 years of experience as a data scientist and has both led and published original research in personal genomics and biomarker discovery. In 2017, after facing her own struggles with conceiving her son, Dr. Divaraniya decided to build a solution to help women experiencing difficulty getting pregnant. She and her team have built the first at-home test, Oova, that measures multiple hormones through urine samples and provides personalized results and insights on a woman’s fertility. Oova is now being adopted by fertility clinics and hospitals across the country.

Neel Shah

Neel Shah, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Maven Clinic

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Dr. Shah is chief medical officer of Maven Clinic, the largest virtual clinic for women’s and family health, and assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School. He is a globally recognized expert in designing solutions that improve health care.

Prior to joining Harvard, Dr. Shah founded Costs of Care, an NGO that curates insights from clinicians and patients to help delivery systems provide better care. In 2017, he co-founded the March for Moms Association to increase public and private investment in the wellbeing of mothers. He serves on the advisory board of the National Institutes of Health, Office of Women’s Health Research.

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