Bridging the Cultural Divide Between Healthcare and Healthtech

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Healthcare, Healthtech

Bridging the Cultural Divide Between Healthcare and Healthtech 1

From Healthcare to Healthtech

Jill Hagenkord talks about her transition from Healthcare to Healthtech and shares the lessons she learned. In this podcast Jill shares some of the cultural differences she observed between the two industries and the ways that healthtech companies can collaborate with healthcare experts to create clinically and commercially viable health products that can scale.

jill hagenkord

Jill Hagenkord, MD

MDisrupt Guest Author

Jill is a board-certified pathologist with subspecialty boards in molecular genetic pathology and a fellowship in pathology/oncology informatics. She brings expertise in health product strategy, coding, coverage, reimbursement, medical and regulatory affairs, health policy, clinical laboratory medicine, population health, provider education and patient engagement.

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