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by | Jan 10, 2022

Kerry Amato

Kerry Amato, MDisrupt’s new VP of business development and partnerships, describes what drew her to MDisrupt from the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

MDisrupt: shaping the ecosystem

Being part of a startup was never on my career roadmap. But after nearly a decade at HIMSS—most recently as vice president (VP) for health innovation—I’ve joined MDisrupt as its VP of business development and partnerships. I did so because I believe MDisrupt is extremely well-positioned to shape the digital health ecosystem in ways that will benefit patients, providers, and health systems for decades to come.

Digital health products need evaluation

As the digital health market has exploded—with more than $20B invested in 2021—I’ve become increasingly interested in how we discover which of the thousands of innovations coming to market really work. Which ones actually improve patient experience, deliver ROI, and improve the health of a population? And how do we ensure that investments are going to the innovations that will actually have an impact?

Ensuring benefits for patients and providers

Let’s make it real: How does someone like my dad pick the right device for him, with confidence that it will work? What does he do when a product doesn’t meet his needs? How can he provide input into what would work for him?

On the provider side, sometimes the shiny new object on the market doesn’t actually solve real-world problems facing physicians. Instead, it may just add to the burdens of their day-to-day work. How can we channel their insights and their voices in a way that cuts through the noise and contributes to truly useful products and solutions?

MDisrupt’s mission of organizing the world’s digital health products by performance through clinically crowdsourced data generation is powerfully inspiring to me. I believe the company can help to ensure that the best products make it to market and are evaluated in ways that benefit healthcare as a whole.

MDisrupt: right people, right time

My favorite work “superpower” is connecting people. I love watching what happens when you put the right people together at the right time. I look forward to building long-lasting partnerships that not only disrupt healthcare but also change the way we think about innovation.

Meeting a team as dynamic as the one at MDisrupt, I felt I had no choice but to lean into the opportunity. The company’s core values—data-driven, truth-seeking, always objective, and people first—could have been written just for me. There is something very special about the MDisrupt team and I am thrilled to be part of the future of this organization.


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