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MDisrupt, Menlo Ventures, and Goodwin Present

Digital Health
Founder’s Fellowship

Building and scaling digital health businesses

May 4-5, 2023
Redwood City, CA

Together, MDisrupt and Menlo Ventures have partnered to help digital health companies accelerate their path to market and scale through expertise and mentorship.

MDisrupt is an Austin-based tech-enabled, health expert on demand network for digital health and the life sciences. Our goal is to be the bridge between technology and healthcare to help the most impactful health products make it to market quickly and responsibly. We partner with leading companies including Travera, ixlayer, and Thermo Scientific.


Ruby Gadelrab

MDisrupt CEO + Founder

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Ruby Gadelrab is the CEO and Co-Founder of MDisrupt. She is a seasoned digital health executive and expert on commercializing healthcare and healthtech products. She served on the executive team at 23andMe as VP of Commercial Marketing and has worked for many leading biotech and genetic companies. Her passion is in helping companies demonstrate clinical outcomes to accelerate their path to commercialization and scale. Before founding MDisrupt, Ruby consulted for, advised, and mentored more than 25 digital health companies.

Menlo Ventures is a venture capital firm with a long history of helping founders build iconic companies. We believe new technology, appropriately applied, can enable much better healthcare. Our life sciences and digital health portfolio includes more than 25 emerging leaders, including Benchling, Delfi, Genesis, H1, Recursion, Riva, and Ophelia.

Greg Yap

Greg Yap

Partner at Menlo Ventures

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Greg Yap is a partner at Menlo Ventures, where he invests in early-stage teams trying to solve significant problems in life science and healthcare. Throughout his career as an executive, entrepreneur, and now investor, he has focused on improving health through technology. He is committed to helping founders improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and increase access to better care. In addition to his role at Menlo, Greg is an Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellow.

Digital Health Founder’s Fellowship 2023 Speakers


Deborah Kilpatrick, PhD

co-CEO, Evidation Health

Greg Yap

Edmondo Robinson, MD, MBA, MS, FACP

Chief Digital Officer, Moffitt Cancer Center

Greg Yap

Elli Kaplan

CEO + Co-founder, Neurotrack


Elliot Cohen

Investor / Entrepreneur

Greg Yap

Jill Hagenkord, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Optum Genomics

Greg Yap

Michael O'Neil

Founder & CEO, Get Well


Matt Sakumoto, MD

Virtualist and Digital Health Advisor

Greg Yap

Kwame Ulmer

Managing Partner, MedTech Impact Partners

Greg Yap

Jon Stout

Partner, Optum Ventures

Greg Yap

Vanessa Villaverde

Venture Partner


Rishi Sikka, MD

Venture Partner, Lifeforce Capital and Professor, Brown University School of Public Health

Greg Yap

Lisa Alderson

Founder and Board Member


Zeev Neuwirth, MD

Chief Clinical Executive for Care Transformation at Atrium Health


Celine Marquez, MD

Global Medical Director, Digital Health Technologies at Genentech

Greg Yap

Carter Dredge, MHA

Senior Vice President & Lead Futurist, SSM Health

Greg Yap

Karen Martell

Transaction Lead - Biologics Discovery California Bristol-Myers Squibb


Zack Gray

Co-Founder & CEO at Ophelia


Eve Cunningham MD MBA

Chief of Virtual Care and Digital Health


Sam Zucker

Partner at Goodwin


Deb Gordon

Investor / Entrepreneur


Michael Penn, MD, PhD

Founding Partner, Health Equity Ventures


Chet Robson, DO, MHCDS, FAAFP

Chief Medical Officer, MDisrupt


Jon Warner

Advisory Board Chair, MDisrupt


Shawn Becker, MD

Founder and President, Silvercat Advisors

Digital Health Founder’s Fellowship 2023 Selected Members

Dr. Anurag Gupta,CEO+Co-founder
Tembo Health

Tim Rudolphi, CEO
metaMe Health

Tara Maddala, CEO+Founder
Pandora Bio

Jessica McGlory, CEO+Founder

Alessandra Henderson, CEO+Co-founder
Elektra Health

Sam Yang, CEO+Co-founder
Xandar Kardian

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, CEO+Founder
Grapevine Health

Dr. Eric Makhni, CEO+Co-founder
Protera Health

Pahini Pandya, CEO+Co-founder
Panakeia Technologies

Gabriel Sanchez, CEO+Co-founder
Enspectra Health

Otto Sipe, Co-founder
Photon Health

Dr. Michael Gardner, CEO+Co-founder
NSite Medical

Dr. Sipra Laddha, CEO+Co-founder
LunaJoy Health

Joanna Strober, CEO+Founder
Midi Health

Adrianna Cantu, CEO+Founder

Erik Cardenas, CEO+Co-founder
Zócalo Health

Dr. Nicola Sahar, CEO+Co-founder
Semantic Health

Kimberly Tableman, CEO+Founder

Lucia Huang, CEO+Co-founder

Waleed Mohsen, CEO

Erica Jain, CEO+Co-founder

David Futoran, CEO+Co-founder

Dr. Jessica Gaulton, CEO+Founder

Mark Bouzyk, CSO+Co-founder

Inara Lalani, CEO+Co-founder

Daphne Chen, Co-CEO+Co-founder
TBD Health

Susan Conover, CEO+Co-founder
Piction Health

Michael Leung, Co-founder

Peter Njongwe, CEO+Founder
Oben Health

Aagya Mathur, CEO+Co-founder


Access to an unparalleled network is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people, ideas, and opportunity.

Together, MDisrupt, Menlo Ventures, and Goodwin invite you to apply to an invitation only fellowship for up to 30 digital health CEOs. This is your opportunity to join an exclusive best-in-class event to help build scalable business, at no cost to you.

What’s in it for you?


Two days in-person immersive experience


Access to an unparalleled network of industry leading experts and decision makers


Group & 1:1 mentorship


Recognition of your business

Who are you?


Founder/CEO of a Digital Health company


Ready for go-to-market and business model strategy


Funding stages: Seed through Series B


Location: US based or planning a US go-to-market strategy


Available to attend an in-person immersive event 
May 4-5, 2023 in Redwood City, CA


Having the opportunity to speak face-to-face with industry leading experts discussing challenges, roadblocks, solutions. Priceless.

Why should I apply?


You want industry leading expertise to hone in on your go-to-market and business strategy


You want a mentor and network of peers to support you through the journey


You want a comprehensive course on how leaders in the industry have navigated challenges and roadblocks

Key dates

December 6, 2022

Application submissions open

February 16, 2023

Application submissions close

March 1, 2023

You’ll be notified if you’re one of the 30 Founder/CEO’s selected to participate in the Digital Health Founder’s Fellowship!

May 4-5, 2023

Prepare for a full 2 day immersive digital health experience with the most accomplished digital health founders, experts, and VCs helping you enhance your go-to-market and business plans.

 Applications are closed

Interested in applying for DHFF 2024? Apply Now


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